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8/21/09 12:39 pm - ghost_nymph - spider dreams.

what does it mean to dream of spiders/spiderwebs all around you?

5/8/09 04:33 pm - ghost_nymph

article I recommend: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/6-ways-to-reap-the-health-benefits-of-dreams.html

note: I do think it's silly that they consider this "new" information. also don't be freaked out about the freud studies, his dream studies in my opinion are the most interesting and accurate of his work.

interesting partsCollapse )

8/31/08 03:40 am - ghost_nymph - Dream interpretation team

As heard on coast to coast am tonight, check out this website to submit a dream and get an interpretation..... http://www.northofeden.com/submit-a-dream

1/11/07 02:27 pm - shadow_syren - odd dream

i dreamed that my brother had taken up flying airplanes and that him and his fiance flew by my city, toronto, and dropped some gifts with balloons from the plane in the sky. it was a large blue jet. wonder what it means.

12/12/06 01:18 pm - swirlscape

Such intense dreams lately.

Two nights ago, I was part of this group of gigantic humanoid creatures/gods/demigods that each had a specific awe-striking power, such as a voice that could kill by singing a long, extended note, or powers of the sun or water. There were something like nine of us, and I was the siren. We housed people inside of us, like strange house-people structures, thousands of people inside of us at our mercy. Somehow I became one of the people inside of myself, and retained my powers while within. I could fly or shapeshift as needed, seduce at will, and some of the people I encountered were also small verions of the demigods, and we would battle in various ways, whether to save others or destroy or harm one another. I found myself doing a lot of running, jumping, and shape-shifting to get away from a particular male god who was causing trouble, though my plan was to use my powers of irresistable seduction to quell him, eventually. Our faces would be so strange and distorted when we sang or conjured as our larger selves, and we would shake the worlds that we were until the small people inside us were shaken completely off and killed.

I think that this comes from my recent ponderings over existence and consciousness/the awareness of existence, and whether I should identify more closely with the cells and other living forms within my body or not, whether these things have a real being of their own without a mind to understand them, and how one can conceptualize that existence. (Part of my musing about death and coming to terms with the eventual end of my existence. I try to understand and commiserate with dead or very small living things.)

Last night I dreamt of flying, and teaching my mom how to fly. And then there were a few of us who rode motorcross in the nude with these plastic molds in consecutively sized fleshcolored balls, from largest to smallest, starting at the crotch/thighs and moving up to the chest/shoulders. They had some sort of sexual function, but I'm not sure what - they covered our (male) genitalia. We were crazy and stirring up trouble everywhere, screaming and out of control and people were afraid of us, but we were having a seriously good time.

Then pHunk was with me as a kind of overwhelmingly, darkly powerful lover, teaching me this technique that required floating down an ice cold river and being swept by the current. He took me into the water, which cascaded over stones and decended down a series of plateaus. The first fall he dropped me halfway into the icey water, and I was fine. "I could have just completely submerged you", he mused, and the thought made my heart leap into my chest because of the ice cold, but at the same time, I was doing suprisingly well halfway in. He noted it, saying I was doing better than others who had trained, or something, and the second fall came up and we both went under together. This experience of dipping under and being carried over the drop by the current was like sex. It was completely overwhelming and breathtaking and powerful, and I kept repeating, "Oh my god" and tried to take in all of the sensation as I could as we went faster and farther down the river, just barely avoiding jagged rocks and stones as we fell.

11/16/06 03:21 pm - shadow_syren - otherworldly dream...

today i had the strangest, most sci-fi type dream ever.

lets hope i can remember most of it.. some might be mixed up.

a friend of mine told me he had just gotten back from his trip to the sun. i asked him how he went there and he told me about this place where the sun shines a certain ray where people gather to be taken from the planet to meet with beings out of this world and ask questions.

my mother had heard of this apparently too, so we went to the place to see what the fuss was about. then as the sun began to set we saw the most beautiful sun ray hitting the earth in these intense colours and shapes. i really can't describe it. then, amongst some others who were standing around, a spaceship seemed to form around us and a voice came on a speaker saying it was ready for take-off. then seconds later we were beamed up at some intense speed and i could even feel the air pressure changing and had to catch my breath.

in a short time we were there. somehow the heat of the sun did not affect the spaceship as it was covered in some sort of cold-resistance with earth's atmosphere inside. then it appeared that we were inside a restaurant type room around a table, and this being was there speaking in another language. some people seemed to understand her. then she repeated herself in english. she tried to explain what was going on, about humankind and our purpose on earth, and some other things. (of course, i don't remember that part! pfft) after this we went exploring this place, and figured out that whatever we would think of would manifest. this is of course how lucid dreams work, but in this dream i thought this was the magic of this strange place. after this i sadly don't remember much, except that i had a very intense adventure, and came back to earth with these same superpowers, feeling enlightened. if only i could have woken up that way!

8/24/06 10:04 am - arachniabat - Disjointed Dreams

I'm posting this from my regular journal instead of arachnadream.

I've had some rather disjointed dreams over the last couple of nights yet they're just as vivid if not moreso than my regular dreams. They seem so real yet so bizarre. Anyone else on here experience that?

Anyway, the night before last I had a dream that every time I was in  the back of some vehicle driving down one particular stretch of road at night this guy would appear in the vehicle with me. He seemed so ethereal and we would chat and I became completely enamoured of him. One night I was preparing to go out once more down this stretch of road and was intending to have the vehicle stop if I could. It would be like a date and I was so excited... until I woke up.

Now last night I don't even know whether I can put it into comprehensible words... it was more disjointed than the last but involved being in a small hotel room at the very top of a ridiculously tall building. I could pass through the windows and out on to the ledge and saw all kinds of things going on about me. I saw a volcano about to erupt and and another building seem to explode yet I wasn't afraid at all. I saw a frost come and start icing everything over. As it closed in and I retreated back within the windows the frost begin to close in and cover the panes. I lit a fire in the fireplace and turned the heat right up and it felt so warm and yet the windows were still icy to the touch. When I did touch the panes the frost melted away somewhat leaving my handprint on the glass to make a little portal for me to see out. Despite the warmth inside I began to get quite scared and claustrophobic. I don't think I was necessarily trapped in the room, but it felt like I was.

Can anyone make any sense out of any of this? Or has anyone had other experiences with such strangely vivid dreams?

8/19/06 01:59 pm - swirlscape

Just voicing some thoughts about some unsettling dreams lately....

A few nights ago, it was Fey wars, really brutal and violent ones. The "good" side would win eventually, but it was an awful battle. Epic, and the scenery was broad and complex - bigger than the whole world, it seemed.

Last night it was the end of the world, via some kind of tricksty alien. All the world joined together to attack, aside from my little clan and a few other outsiders. As we passed each other, I watched clans from all the societies in all the world gathering to defeat the alien. Even elves.

But they were all destroyed. And we were alone.

The alien had separated the earth into little sections, and each one was to be systematically destroyed a certain way at a certain time. We were trapped in each of our little areas, with no chance of escape. Through some cleverness, we came really, really close to saving our chunk from destruction (pHunk and I were there, with kittens and puppies and other critters), but in the end we were just a little too late and got a little off-track, thinking we had to let my blood instead of liquid from a piece of the alien's equipment we'd stolen. My blood didn't work and our district blew up, and we just barely managed escape to a new district - I don't know quite how we managed that, but we figured if we could keep jumping from piece to piece, we might eventually figure out how to save ourselves. Some pieces were going to be safe for many years, so we had time. But it was stressful and the world was disintegrating all around us.


I think the news of the African White Rhino's extinction has really rocked me to the core of how I see the world and human life. I am so, so disappointed that we're still driving species to extinction. I thought we were beyond that. Better than that. That we have learned something in the thousands of years we've been around. But then, I thought we were beyond war, too. Maybe things will never change.

8/16/06 07:50 am - kharma_creature - and then she danced for the devil

what i can remember...

there was a lady in the lake - outside of a trailer... there were a group full of people, including me... at night she would emerge from the lake.. she scared us all.. we had to stick together at all times.. she didn't like light.. so we had gathered all the flashlights in the house/trailer - to keep her away... it didn't work so well when it was dim..

it was like anyone she reached became possessed.. and wanted to possess other people just as she did.. (like zombies making zombies).. i remember that it was like a movie.. that had become real..

one of the men that became "possessed" - i kicked down the stairs of the front door.. only when he hit the ground.. he contorted into a position that was very painful and he screamed.. and since i cared for this person - i ran outside to help him out of this position - forgetting that he was possessed..

the only time the group was safe was durring the day.. but we were unable to leave the trailer until we found out what the woman wanted.. well, since she was so angry.. this was a very difficult feat.

finally i decided to stop being scared and hiding in the corner.. and talked to her.. she had lost a lover - and was angry, bitter.. (she also had children at some point.. but i don't know much about this)..

once i got her to talk.. she danced for the devil and he took her away.. she left a fortune cookie and her echoing voice told us all to eat a peice of it and that we would be set free.. so we did..

THEN in real life...

i woke up because i had stopped breathing.. i used the bathroom, used my inhaler, took some benedryl because i couldn't stop sneezing.. and i was coughing a lot too.. and then i just decided to type this dream down..

i think i understand some of it.. but really don't want to talk about it right now.

why is it that no one likes reading other peoples dreams - but everyone wants to write down their own and have them read?... it's just a trend i've noticed.

8/4/06 03:08 pm - faeryhideout

i dreamed of a plane crashing right next to my building. this doesn't surprise me at all considering my emotional state.

anyone know what it means?

8/4/06 06:15 am - kharma_creature - George Washington?

Hello, I'm kharma - been here a while - lurker I suppose, so here's my first entry.

I dreamt I was a teacher. I was showing my students my ability to move objects through my mind with my hands. I told them to challenge me anywhere so they would believe that I could do it and that I didn't have some special device hidden under my desk. Then I saw a poster of George Washington - and I brought a Modern Day George Washing to life. I was about to put him back in the poster - but the look on his face - I just couldn't. I knew there was a lot to teach him about this day and age.

7/31/06 08:34 pm - arachnadream - X-Posted July 31, 2006

This is a pretty long one, so I'm putting it behind a cut. I did what research I could, but the entire dream was so vivid and was like watching a movie. I still remember all the feeling. Any personal interpretations would be very much appreciated.

Demons and Monsters with MouthsCollapse )

7/18/06 11:58 am - crust_muffin - Never a good visit

I was awoken by a phone call this morning stopping a bad dream from continuing. In a way I am great full because, if I had taken anymore of it I probably would have woken up and not bothered to get out of bed. Though right when the phone ran was the big encounter in the dream were I was speaking to someone who at the moment I need answers from and closure. Maybe it was the universe’s way of hinting; call them if they won’t call you, make peace.

By know I don’t remember exactly how everything started but I do know I was in my room, it looked different. I was rebuilding and restructuring a shelf in my room. On the ground next to me was a small television. What came on were two people doing some kind of sexual exercising dance, except she had no tights on so I could see that special area between the legs. As I walk up to the TV, the people on the screen form in front of me doing the same thing, the man says in the women’s ear “breathe, breath” and then it looked as if her special area would talk back and breathe. Just then my mom lifts her head up from the floor and says go back to bed. Morning time begins and I run into a middle school friend. Sitting outside the store with a brief case of candy I offer him some, instead of taking a few he eats a whole bunch. We hardly talk and then his mother says its time to go. Next to me is a sleazy Pool Bar, the men walking out of it are very over weight, some with scares and huge boils over there face.

Next in my dream I find myself in an “indoor mall/apartment building”.Somehow I mange to walk into room after room and see new people. There was a lack of doors I guess. Then I run into my best friend, she starts telling me of how long she’s been living here for and that she was dating my last boyfriend. Surprisingly I am more shocked than angry. She takes me upstairs to meet these guys who she thinks I may like. There typical metal head dudes not bad looking of course. I say “Hey your those guys in that Aerosmith cover band right”?...they say “No, the Motley Crue cover band “. As we started talking this weird feeling starts to take over me and I start to become a bit rude. My shock had turned into anger and I was freaking out explaining the story of how my last boyfriend and I broke apart. After that I just left and started walking home alone in the dark.

Half way home I say to myself “fuck this I’m going back”, with the hopes of running into my last boyfriend so that I could tell him how I feel. This time I bring my skateboard, as I skate back to the indoor mall with the open apartments. This Chinese lady calls out “Stop you’re the one we need the picture of f” …instead I just try to skate slower as she snaps pictures of me. Then I just leave and while passing a Car Dealer ship, I decide to take a rest and stop. As I look over I see myself sitting on a bench. For some reason I try wiping away what I see with my sleeve like a dot in a picture. Then I see myself walk up to me, again I try wiping myself away because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Me standing in front of me I take my arm and it goes right threw me. This is when I start to panic. As people walk by I ask “Can you see another person”?, they look at me like I’m crazy, some people don’t even see me. At this point it sets in that after I left the place I didn’t just grab my skate board, I killed myself.Having no one to turn to I see this blonde haired women with a baby and I say look I’m dead I can help you to become rich or something but you need to help me. She says “I can have big fancy dinners, go on big boats and live a better life than my mom”, I said “Yes but you have to spy on some people for me”. She agrees and we start walking back to the indoor mall and apartments. We split up she goes one way I go another leaving my skateboard on the ground. This is when I notice my last boyfriend arrive with his father, I was so happy because, I though that the big scene I mad in front of those people showed how much I missed him. They probably told him and now he came back to check on me. I look behind me, and see this black girl step on the skate board fall and break her nose. We get her to security, so they can help her .The police are called and try to figure out why it happened. As I walk out the door I have guilt so, I go back and tell the police officer that I left my skateboard out and that’s why she fell. Her insurance company should be happy. During this point I started to feel as if I was coming back to life, I wasn’t dead anymore with every encounter I was coming back to life and I didn’t see my other self again. Not everyone could see me and it hurt because, I wanted them to and I felt so stupid for killing myself and missing out on all of that.

Walking out from there I notice just from the shoes and legs that right before me is my last boyfriend sitting with someone on the bench. It’s not his dad anymore, it’s another girl and they were kissing and being happy. I run over to them catching him, the girl he’s with runs away, as does he. We end up in a camera store and that’s when things go bad. He looks me in the eyes and said because of you all of this has gone bad, he kept yelling at me with anger and no remorse in his eyes. When I was the one who wanted to tell him how I felt, he just kept ripping me up even at this point I felt my body become a bit more real again so the pain was more intense. I really wish the conversation in the store could have been finished but that’s when I got awoken in real life by the phone call. …Trying not to cry on the phone was hard. Whenever I get these type of dreams were people hurt me badly mentally, I wake up feeling like it’s actually happened. Even in sleep I can never escape the things that hurt me.

I learned that I need to close this chapter in my life, because it is ruining me and breaking my spirit. Also the transformation of death to life in my dream made me see why it’s so important to go on.

7/12/06 12:39 pm - swirlscape

I had this funny dream last night - for some reason it really makes me laugh to think about it, although it doesn't sound all that funny.

I was in labor. I think I was on campus where I work (at an art school), but it was also a hospital. Another woman was in labor too and my doctor was too busy delivering her child (this "doctor" was a random co-worker of mine named Chris) to help me. For some reason I was standing up, and the baby was on its way out, and it just kinds smoothly slid out and I sorta caught it between my legs, hahahahaha. (It cracks me up!)

I was totally shocked at how quick and painless the birthing process was, and as I lifted the little messy infant up into my arms, my brain said firmly, "Zack or Katie". These were clearly the names I had to choose from, depending on the sex. (These are also names of two students that were academically terminated - Zack was reinstated last week, Katie's appeal was denied. This thought didn't cross my mind in the dream.) It turned out to be a boy, so I named him Zack, even though I don't particularly like that name and there was no reason other than that voice in my head. I felt like I couldn't ignore that voice.

He had dark hair (already!) and dark blue eyes, fair skin, and was already responding to me with big smiles while I wiped him clean by the time my doctor came to see how I was doing. He was super sweet and cute, and looked around with such wonder in his face. (My mom said I didn't cry when I was born; I just looked around with a surprised expression and my mouth in a little "o".) I was kinda wondering if it were my boyfriend's child or not - I assumed so, but couldn't remember for sure how I got pregnant. Hahahahaha! Oh man, so funny.

What might all this mean? Any guesses?

7/10/06 02:38 am - crust_muffin - Dreams to Reality

I’d like to share an experience I’ve had in one of my dreams. Without telling you the whole dream I will just mention the most significant part of it for now. I was walking in a parking lot with a few of my friends. Among this group was my boyfriend of the time. As we were walking I managed to slip and fall hitting my head really hard on the pavement. Hoping for some help from my boyfriend I called out to him, instead he just looked at me and walked away. The look in his eyes pierced me and my insides because it was filled with no emotion at all for me being hurt. I woke up after I saw him walk away with the rest of the group. When I did wake up I was crying, like I had been crying in my dream and woke up doing the same thing. It felt so real that it was so hard for me to calm myself down. A week later I started to notice a change in his mode, and then without warning he just stopped talking to me for a month.

I’ve had this situation in a dream happen over 3 times with each new relationship, in my dream they leave me, hurt me or move along to someone ales. What really bothers me is that it normally falls through without warning, leaving me with only a dream to question. I do get other visions in my dreams, which I will share another time. So now I ask, has this happen to anyone ales here?

6/30/06 06:00 pm - arachnadream - June 30, 2006

X-posted in arachnadream. All the related meanings I could find at Dream Moods are below, but for some reason I feel as though there's something missing. If anyone can find anything else pertinent, please let me know! As most of my even borderline erotic dreams, I woke up wanting to just go back to the dream for a few hours and as usual it managed to stick with me all day, or at least, the nice tummy butterflies did. I also realise that I'm at that point in my monthly cycle in which I am extremely sex-driven so it may all just mean nothing at all. Anyway, on to the dream.

I'm in an indoor swimming pool that's pretty brightly lit. I think the high ceilings as well as the walls are possibly made of glass. There are water slides at one end though I'm more in the shallow end which for some reason is at one side of the pool instead of the end. I seem to think I'm getting in and out of the water fairly frequently but don't seem to feel cold or exposed at all. I'm very much aware of this man in his mid- to late-thirties who's supposed to be either my boss or teacher (I'm leaning more towards teacher). For some reason I have this enormous crush on him but I seem to think it's only because of his role (I have a bit of an authority figure fetish). I keep flirting with him and every time I do he stutters over what he's saying or just generally seems distracted and I love it. I think I'm wearing a black bikini that makes my boobs look completely amazing and I'm using it to my advantage.

At one point there's another girl who's supposed to be either a coworker or classmate who's mildly flirting with him as well. I feel pretty intimidated as she has a better body than I do but she soon leaves presumably expecting him to follow at which point I keep has attention on me. I know some time after this I'm floating on my back in the extremely shallow water with only my face, chest, breasts and part of my ribcage out of the water and he somehow trips or stumbles and ends up sort of straddling me and then he puffs out his cheeks and blows a deep sigh and runs his hand through his brown hair as though he's trying unsuccessfully to maintain his composure.

He's tall with straight brown hair that hangs down to about the top of his ears and then is cut close to the nape of his neck. I seem to think he wears glasses though I'm not sure of his eye colour. He kind of reminds me of my grade seven teacher, Mr Field.

I know at some points in the dream I end up without my bikini top on but I don't know how. I remember feeling this urge to continue ruthlessly trying to seduce him until he inevitably gave in, which wouldn't be long, but at this point I wake up.

Dream Dictionary:

To see a pool of water in your dream, denotes that you will find much happiness and pleasure in love and marriage. Your social life will keep you busy.

To see your boss in your dream, represents the bossy or authoritative side of your own personality. Your boss may reveal self-confidence and the assertive aspect of yourself. It is telling of your issues of control and authority. Alternatively, to see your boss in your dream may indicate your over-involvement or obsession with your work. Negatively, the boss in your dream may symbolize your limitations and lack of freedom/originality.
To dream that you are afraid of your boss, indicates your fear of authority. You may feel that someone else is running your life or dictating what you can and can not do.
Consider also the relationship you have with your boss. This may provide clues to work-related issues that need to be resolved.

To see your teacher (past or present) in your dream, suggests that you are seeking some advice, guidance, or knowledge. You are heading into a new path in life and ready to learn by example or from a past experience. Consider your own personal experiences with that particular teacher. What subject was taught? Alternatively, it may relate to issues with authority and seeking approval. You may going through a situation in your waking life where you feel that you are being treated like a student or in which you feel you are being put to a test.

To dream that you are flirting or that someone is flirting with you, represents your need for intimacy and affection. You may be about to enter into a serious commitment or relationship in the near future.

To see breasts in your dream, symbolizes primal nourishment and your need to be nursed and care for. It represent motherhood, nurturance, and infantile dependency. Alternatively, breasts represents sexual arousal and raw energy.
Seeing naked breasts can also denote a feeling of exposure and invasion of privacy. In particular, for a woman, the dream may indicate anxieties about becoming a woman/mother.

To dream that you are in a competition, represents your need to grow and expand. Learn the value of endurance and perseverance. Also be more assertive.
To dream that you win a competition, suggests that you possess the necessary skills to accomplish a goal or solve a problem in your waking life.

To see water in your dream, symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment.

To dream of seduction, is an expression of your sexual desires. Alternatively, you may be feeling lured into doing something you might not otherwise have done. You may be giving up your power of choice.

6/22/06 11:00 am - ex_caterpill616

i dreamt greg and i got pulled into this exhibit type thing...it was a carnival, much like the one we were at a few weeks ago, online inside and condensed and a little abandoned and spooky...
there were a lot of kids, and brave ones might i add, becasue the room we went in to was filled with snakes and spiders, all different kinds...
greg seemed right at home with the snakes, until one bit him...a small snake, most likely a baby...and it was red.
he seemed fine, but left the exhibit shortly after.
i went into the spider room, and was unable to see the live spiders, but saw the dead ones...and this little girl was asking me to teach her the fdifferent kinds of spiders...so i did, making special emphasis on the ones that can truly harm her, so she stays away from them...
but i told her how wonderful the are, and beneficial to the world, and sh was happy to hear it :)
at that point greg came back in, and there was this guy who was blatently hitting on me, which was angering greg, so we left...

and i woke up.

i don't have time to analyze it since rogers people are here installing cable, i will when they leave...and edit this post.

any interpretations?

6/18/06 04:50 pm - swirlscape

Last night I had one of my intense, detail-filled dreams that always make me feel like it's possible that I'm actually visiting parallel universes when I'm dreaming.

I dreamt some friends and I (I don't know who any of the friends were besides my boyfriend) were exploring a suspicious facility and ended up getting into a crazy metalic 6-seated contraption that almost seemed like a futuristic dark sci-fi kind of rollercoaster, with elaborate seating and strapping stuff. It took us to a parallel world - possibly the future? - where we were on the same earth but instead of billions, it had many trillions of people on it. Because of the extreme strain on resources, the operation that owned the contraption (which turned out to be a flying car type thing once we arrived in the new world - everyone there drove these flying car type things) was part of a black market operation to import extinct, rare, or otherwise unavailable resources from our world to theirs, since we could get it so much more cheaply. Certain kinds of seeds were especially valuable.

We were chased by cops who demanded to see our IDs, but were satisfied when they saw them and let us go. Still, we knew we had to act like we were part of this strange world, so we had to be careful what kinds of things we said. Enough things were similar enough that we could get away with it as long as we were careful - it was still the US, there were still 50 states, in general life was the same.

The government was different though, in that it was more socialist, even though it was still a free-enterprise society. There were no starving or homeless or terminally ill people who couldn't afford treatment. Everyone was taken care of, though the rich were ridiculously wealthy, and most of the world was quite poor. We were seen as very wealthy, based on the money in our wallets and the way we dressed and such. There were still celebrities, but there were many, many more of them and they were only slightly more well-off than the average person. They didn't make as much money and did what they did more for the love of it than the fame and fortune. Oh, and people lived to be nearly a thousand years old, and when we found some people (who knew what we were doing and offered a safe house) who asked us how long we lived, they were horrified to learn that women tended to live until only 85, men under 80. They seemed to age as fast as we did, but just stayed in that elderly-appearance state for much, much longer. In that sense the young were seen as much more beautiful and rare and as people to be somewhat in awe of, because they were rather rare in comparison to most people, who were elderly from about 100 years old on.

That's all I remember, really. I woke up and went back to sleep dreaming of a strange, whispy white world which I could fly through, looking at odd trees and environments and every so often a gorgeous pair of fairy wings could be seen. I would say, "Oh, those WINGS - I must go back and study those later" because I wanted to use the patterns to make and/or draw my own. I love flying dreams, although the flying is always a bit challenging since it is always done in my dreams through a kind of mental willing of movement that can easily be disrupted if I don't think just the right way.

6/17/06 07:19 am - twilightfirefly

Hello, I just joined recently thanks to the gentle prodding of faeryhideout. I also just recently woke up from this nightmare that was really rather disturbing to me. Thought I'd share and maybe get some thoughts on it.

Copied from my journal cuz its just easier that way:

ACK. *turns on all the lights*

So I just woke from my first REAL nightmare in a long long long time. You know, the sort that leaves you waking up in a panicked, cold sweat and needing all the lights on, the kind that really frightens you to the core and leaves you feeling like there's things peeking over your shoulder and really needing someone to talk to. Its impossible for me to go back to sleep, I'm sort of a wreck right now. And the odd part that is really sort of puzzling me/affecting me is what I was afraid of in the dream. I have dreampt about some pretty disturbing things, this was pretty mild compared to what has been in my dreams before...and yet it has shaken me TREMENDOUSLY.

I was sitting in my mother's bed (I still live at home. *rolls eyes*) There was some nonsense, albeit beautiful nonsense, about me attending one of Elizabeth Taylor's birthday parties before this part of the dream. In my mother's room is my dead grandparent's old dressing table. As I'm sitting on the bed, this sort of miniature ghostly version of me appears from inside one of these drawers...just sorta walks through the drawer and out onto the floor in the room. She's about waist high to me, but is ME even though I have the sense that she's this little spirit/evil faerie sort of thing and has this overwhelming aura of something dangerous and alltogether not right. And I SCREAM and panick and start trying to chase it away but the chase is at a slow walk...I follow it out of my mom's room, down the hallway, all the way shouting things at it to make it, or me as it were, go away. I'm invoking the name of God (I'm not really Christian by the way, not devoted and traditional at any rate) as this whole time its got this evil look in its eyes and is doing something to me, I can feel it on the inside and it was HORRIBLE. So I keep shouting at it. Finally it turns into our entry way, which in the dream is stacked with a bunch of boxes. I'm terrified to lose sight of the thing behind these boxes, so I start screaming, "GO BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME! GO BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME!" (referring of course to the dimension/otherworld that its from, NOT the dresser.) It started to run, and shrunk a little as it ran, and dissapeared into one of the boxes. I started to freak even worse, it left this horrid feeling deep in my very soul core. At this point I start to head back to my mother's room.

And then I find myself in my room and which is on the way, and in front of my closet is this really strange looking resonator guitar (I think that's what they're called...its one of these that has the steel bit on the body) with these weird strings that looked to be made of canvas...but they were exceptionally wide and old (honestly looked more like the backpack straps from a WWII parachute pack with some really jagged slaphappy stitching all over them) and had visible fingerprints all over them. At first Kurt Cobain's ghost is sitting there playing this thing and it is making the most beautiful, bluegrassy sound as he's playing this really sort of slow haunting, DISTURBING song that is doing nothing but scaring me even more. I mean it was a really haunty sort of music, rather tinny sounding and completely supernatural. Kurt dissapears and I'm left with the guitar, so I touch it and try to play it...except that when I touch it its like playing a record and all these sounds of ghosts out of the past start playing, as if you could listen in to something happening 60 years ago while you stayed in the here and now. A different sound plays for every fingertip I touch, there's a woman's voice mumbling nonsense and it sounds like its being said through cotton and static, and a door closing, and footsteps, and some odd, old music and they ALL sound really random. It terrifies me because it sounds so odd and out of place. I scream and go running for my mother's room where I climb into bed with her in hysterics. I'm screaming, I can't STOP screaming, all the while there's this memory of the little me creature that I think might come back, and the ghost guitar, and I'm just losing it and am in hysterics. Then it starts thundering and mom turns on a light to keep me from being even more frightened, but it doesn't work. In between my frequent, blood-curdling screams I'm trying to invoke Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia books.

At around this point the dream faded off into some brief nonsensical drivel about mailboxes and Liz Taylor's house where the party had been, but I woke up in a panic and am now here, unable to go back to sleep. *whimper*

6/14/06 02:40 pm - faeryhideout

this is the only part of my dream that i remember from this morning.

someone threw their cigarette butt across the street, but it landed in someone's upstairs window.
i started to see smoke coming out of the window and worried that it could be a fire, and thought of calling 911.
no one believed me until we saw the flames.
then i saw 2 kitties trying to get out on the windowsill.
i was terrified for them.
then i saw my mother go in the burning house and rescue the 2 kitties and a puppy.
i was so relieved and proud of her for doing that.
once the firemen put the fire out, we had dinner with the people who lived in that house.
went in the room that was burning and saw a playpen. good thing the baby wasn't in it.
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